Canelo vs. GGG

By Mark Elezaj

The fight was an instant classic! Canelo had something to prove, GGG wanted the world to know he was robbed the first time, both men felt they won and this time they were not going to let a bad decision take away from their legacies! I take nothing away from either fighter because both men left everything in that ring, giving 100% until that final bell! We, the fans, were given something to talk about for years to come.

Now the fight itself didn’t go the way I felt it would. You had Canelo coming forward, pressing the action and you had GGG fighting off of the jab. Who would have thought this? Definitely not me! Both warriors made solid points throughout each round, landing clean power punches, but don’t get me wrong, both fighters also showed you some amazing defense by slipping and countering punches as well.

These warriors truly tested each other for 12 rounds! Punch after punch, how did either man make it through the fight without touching the canvas once? How!?

Fast forward to the final bell. Fast forward to both men embracing one another while the fans stood there clapping and cheering these two warriors!

114-114, 115-113, 115-113 for the winner, SAUL “CANELO” ALVAREZ..

Wait?? What???

Yes he fought well and I wouldn’t disagree with the 114-114 card, but he won seven rounds??? WHAT!!! NO FU**ING WAY!! GGG threw more punches, he fought brilliantly off of his jab, he landed the harder punches and he was- DARE I SAY IT- Robbed again…

I can’t stress this enough, I take nothing away from either fighter. They both left it in that ring and they showed you that they are the ELITE fighters in the division. But let’s call it for what it was, a robbery!

•GGG out jabbed Canelo 118-59 landing more punches 234-202 (Compubox)

•Canelo had a 143-116 edge in power shots (Compubox)

•GGG landed 70 power shots in rounds 6-12 after landing just 46 in the first 6 rounds. (Compubox)

Total Punches Thrown,

Canelo- 202/622  (32%)

GGG- 234/879  (27%)

Total Jabs Thrown,

Canelo- 59/256 (23%)

GGG- 118/547 (22%)

Total Power Punches

Canelo- 143/366 (39%)

GGG- 116/332 (35%)

I personally feel GGG won the fight 115-113, I gave him the final 5 rounds of the fight. He hurt Canelo in the 10th and continued to fight brilliantly off of his jab.

All in all, I will say I enjoyed the fight- HATED THE DECISION- but I’m not surprised they went towards the money guy. Yes I would love to see them do it again, Canelo GGG 3 would be epic..

What do you think? Who did you have winning this fight? Let’s talk about it! Let me know your thoughts!!

~The Fighting Voice~

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