Mayweather vs. Pacquiao The Rematch!? Why!?

By Mark Elezaj

I’ve been a fight fan for as long as I can remember and if you know me, you know that Manny Pacquiao is one of my favorite fighters. The man truly is a living legend and what he’s done in the sport should never be discredited. His fights were amazing! His victories were spectacular and you knew he was going to give you 100% every time he stepped through the ropes win, lose or draw.

Floyd Mayweather, without a doubt is one of the greatest fighters in the sport of boxing, and his fights, although not as flashy as Pacquiaos were boxing lessons to his opponents. He is a defensive genius. You can’t hurt what you can’t touch. His hand speed followed with power made for a boxing clinic and a true fight fan knew they were watching greatness when he was in that ring.

Since early 2000, I say around 2006-2007, these two fighters were on a collision course and it was the fight everyone wanted to see. Both fighters defeated their opponents with ease leading up to a potential showdown between the two and the fans had already picked sides. “Floyd beats him easy!!!” Manny Knocks his ass out!!” The boxing world was buzzing!! It had to happen, it was going to happen, it DIDN’T HAPPEN!

Why? What was the issue?? The two biggest names in the sport have to come together and show the world who was truly the king of the division. I believe that’s how it works. Am I right!? What is the issue here?

Still, it didn’t happen!

Years passed and they both continued fighting other fighters. It became annoying because we all wanted to see the fight happen. It was becoming brutally honest that it was not going to happen and the fans were going to miss these two legends fight.

It seemed like the only fight these two would be involved in was when Floyd felt Manny was using PED’s!

“He’s on something”

“No I’m not, you’re scared”

“Then take the test”

“Ive agreed to all testing”

“He’s a cheater”

“I will take the test before and after the fight…”


What in the world is happening here? You guys are both better than this!!

Fast forward to 2015!

The “Mega Fight” was finally signed! It was finally going to happen! We’re all so excited. Yay!!! They’re going to finally get it on!

NO! This can’t be what we waited years to watch! NO!!

The fight was nothing more than an over hyped sparring session! Two fighters, both past their respected primes (although Floyd past his prime is still better than 90% of the fighters today) danced, hugged and threw punches in “bunches” for twelve rounds.

Manny hurt his shoulder in the fourth round (allegedly) and the fight ended up going the distance. Floyd won, 116-112 (my unofficial card) and the fight we all wanted to see, came and went and it was a waste of time and money! (My opinion of course)

Both fighters went on to fight after that and the fans were not happy. Let down was more like it.

Let’s fast forward to September 2018…

“I’m coming out of retirement to face Manny Pacquiao”

WHY!? It’s a fight boxing doesn’t need. We’ve already watched it, eight years too late. We’ve already seen what this fight brings to the table. We all know thy Manny needs to knock Floyd out to win and we all know you can’t catch Floyd clean enough (Mosley did but that was a flash in the pan) to hurt him. This rematch is just not a good idea. Back in the day, had they fought when they were supposed to, this fight would have been epic! Today, it’s nothing more than a money grab. Another $99.99 pay per view to watch a boring undercard followed by another “classic”.

I don’t feel the urge to watch it, that has passed. They say time heals all wounds but this one still hurts and I refuse to allow myself to deal with that pain again!

(I’m probably still going to watch it but I’m not paying for it again)

Let’s talk about it!

~The Fighting Voice~

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