Big Plans Coming Soon

We here at FightingVoice want to take a minute to thank all that have visited our little corner of the internet and social media sites while also taking the time to help spread the word! Without you guys there would not be a reason for us to continue on this journey. And what a journey it’s already been, excitement is at a very high level because we know what this site could be and will be.

But, the Journey has just begun.

We are constantly discussing different ideas and options while trying to put together a website that can bring you fight news and highlights, opinions and debates while setting up a forum where you the fan can help add to the magic that is FightingVoice.

We are also working on a Podcast that will not only let the people interact with us but also allow us to bring the fight game to you. With in depth fight talks, match up highlights and so on, (maybe an interview or two, you never know) we want this platform to explode onto the scene and we want you, the fight fan, to enjoy every second of it.

Again, we here at FightingVoice want to say thank you for the continued support! Get ready fight fans because there’s no turning back now!

~The Fighting Voice~

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