UFC 229 – Conor McGregor Defeated, Team Khabib Attacks Team McGregor After The Match

By Mark Elezaj

At tonight’s UFC 229 PPV, Conor McGregor tapped out to Khabib Nurmagomedov in the 4th round of what was a one sided fight for the most part. After the fight, Khabib climbed over the cage and set off a rumble by getting into an altercation with Dillon Danis who was in McGregor’s corner.

The first round started and both men met each other in the center of the octagon. Conor sized up Khabib, throwing his jab and landing a few punches before being rushed and taken to the ground. Khabib continued to smother Conor on the ground, like a snake wrapping itself around its prey, trying to get leverage and make Conor tap out, but Conor remained calm, not wasting his energy. As the round continued, Khabib would not let go, tying up both of Conor’s legs in the process and keeping him pinned to the canvas until the bell finally rang ending the first round. (1-0 Khabib)

The second round saw Nurmagomedov stagger McGregor with a right hand early, but McGregor got up quickly and landed a flying knee flush. The two grappled and Khabib took Conor down with ease again, slowly improving his position in what was another dominant round for the champion. As the round was coming to an end, Khabib stood up and began landing hard punches flush onto a floored McGregor’s face. The bell sounded and round two came to an end. (2-0 Khabib)

In the third round, Khabib decided to stand and fight with Conor, exchanging punches with him. Conor, now in his element, began landing several significant shots, as did Khabib. Both men went back and forth, throwing punches in bunches while landing combinations, and it looked as if Conor got the better of him. Khabib, realizing he would not win while trading shots, reasserted his control, grabbing Conor again and pinning him up against the cage. Conor was able to defend easier this time by staying on his feet while neutralizing Khabib from taking him down again. (2-1 Khabib)

The Championship Rounds…

Conor came out in the fourth round and did decent work, keeping his opponent at a distance, but Khabib again was able to get control, grabbing Conor and attaching himself onto his back. Khabib was then able to get Conor down while locking a choke hold onto Conor, finally getting him to tap out. The fight was over, and that’s when all hell broke loose.

After getting McGregor to tap, Khabib rose up off of his beaten opponent and began shouting and spitting at him. He immediately turned around and pointed at Conors corner, yelling and throwing his mouthpiece while being restrained by security.

McGregor’s corner responded, causing Nurmagomedov to climb over the fence and get into a fight with Dillon Danis outside of the cage. Meanwhile, while the ruckus was going on outside the cage, two men entered the octagon, sucker punching and attacking McGregor. Conor was able to defend himself but you can see he was exhausted. Security was finally able to separate everyone inside the octagon.

Once things began to calm down, Dana White entered inside the octagon and spoke with Conor. He was a beaten man, walking around the cage trying to collect his thoughts and eventually he left the octagon surrounded by security and headed to the back.

Khabib, now back in the cage, was asking for his title. Dana White explained that he would not be putting the belt on him to avoid fans throwing things at him inside the cage causing a bigger scene. Khabib, who’s face showed anger and emotion from all that has happened and transpired, ended up leaving the cage without his title, escorted by security and his team to the back, to an echo of boo’s and fans throwing drinks at him as he walked passed them.

Khabib Nurmagomedov was declared the winner and still undefeated champion with his fourth round stoppage of Conor McGregor. The fight was an interesting one, you saw that Conor couldn’t figure out the ground game and Khabib couldn’t stand and trade with him. The ending however was a page straight from the WWE. Total and utter chaos, unnecessary drama and a horrible way to end a very good PPV.

Mr. Khabib Nurmagomedov, you are an amazing fighter, but the truth is Champions do not act the way you did tonight. Your actions take away from a very dominant performance. Congratulations on your victory.

~The Fighting Voice~

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