And Just Like That, It’s Off..

By Mark Elezaj

Honestly, I didn’t know what to say or how I even felt about this event. I was excited that Floyd was stepping into the ring again but I was upset because he was going to face a kick boxer. I was curious as to why face this guy when you have a line of young and hungry fighters willing to fight you in the sport of boxing? I honestly couldn’t wrap my head around it, but it was another Floyd Mayweather fight and yes I was going to watch it regardless.

And just like that, it’s called off?

What on the world is going on here?


You Mr. Mayweather held a press conference with RIZN to promote the event, did you not? Was there not even a face off picture with the two of you?

All I know is that now they’re saying something about a 3 round exhibition, he was blindsided and that he went to help promote the Rizin 14 event.

You know what, I’ve wasted enough time talking and posting about this. It just didn’t make sense from the official announcement to the final social media post from Mayweather.

I hate to repeat myself but I honestly don’t even know.

~The Fighting Voice~

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