The Wilder vs. Fury News Conference Was A Loud One

By Mark Elezaj

LOS ANGELES- Since the day the Wilder vs Fury fight was announced, you saw that both men had a mutual respect and like for one another. Yes they “yelled” at each other when they were up close And personal but you also saw a smile on their faces and knew it was all in good fun.

We are now just days away from their epic championship fight and today you saw something different. Today you saw that both men were a bit on edge, leading to emotions running wild at the final news conference on Wednesday.

The news conference started off as your typical boxing news conference, filled with jokes, the normal back and forth between fighters followed by each guy explaining how they were going to win. Suddenly the talking ended and both Fury and Wilder ended up in a scuffle, shouting obscenities at each other while having to be separated.

Both Wilder and Fury began talking over each other and once they moved center stage for the traditional faceoff, they were in each other’s faces and it seemed that things were about to take a turn for the worse.

“I’m gonna knock you the f— out, I promise you!” Wilder, said just inches from Fury’s face.

Fury just smiled and began moving his head side to side while Wilder continued to yell at him. Next thing you know, Wilder brushes his finger on Fury’s eye, a brief scuffle followed and they were separated as they both continued to yell at each other. Fury then took off his suit jacket and shirt, calling out to Wilder. Don’t ask me why but it was a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie and worth the price of admission.

“I think Wilder is very nervous, He felt that he needed to scream and shout at me and do all that sort of stuff to try start a bit of a tussle. But we’re fighting men. He had his big team and I was up there with me and Ben, on our own. He had all his teammates at the back of the stage when my brothers were in the crowd. But it is what it is. We’re not afraid of anybody.”

“I believe Wilder wanted me to hit him with a left hook so he could cancel the fight. That’s what I believe. I believe Wilder got in my face so that he could trigger me to hit him so he could get out of the fight. But I ain’t going to make that mistake. I ain’t going to lose half my purse for that idiot, Deontay Wilder. He knows he can’t win and I think it’s clear for everyone to see now the nerves in him with the way that he’s conducting himself” said Fury.

“I can’t wait,” Wilder said. “I cannot wait. Time is clicking, it’s boiling down. Can you feel the energy?

“This is a moment I’ve been waiting for my entire career. This is the time, it’s my time. Fury had his time. When he beat Klitschko that was his time, that was his window. Now it’s my time.”

Wilder also shot down Fury’s victory over Wladimir Klitschko.

“He didn’t beat Klitschko, Klitschko beat himself. If Klitschko had shown up and thrown more punches he’d have won. Everybody knows that. So much emotion is running through my body right now. I was ready two weeks ago. I can’t wait to put these hands on you. When I get in the ring, it’ll be no more Mr. Nice Guy.”

~The Fighting Voice~

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