Eleider Alvarez vs. Sergey Kovalev 2

By Mark Elezaj

FRISCO, Texas- This Saturday night is the rematch we have all been waiting for, Eleider Alvarez (24-0; 12 KO) faces Sergey Kovalev (32-3-1; 28 KO) for Alvarez’s WBO title.

In their last fight, Kovalev looked sharp, controlling the fight early. Alvarez was behind on all three judges scorecards when he was able to put together a rally, knocking Kovalev down three times in the seventh round for the upset knockout victory, winning the WBO championship.

Now both fighters will meet tomorrow night in Frisco, Texas and Kovalev promises that he’ll fix the mistakes he made in their first fight.

“I made a mistake last time, but this time I will fix it. This Saturday, I will fix this situation and be on top again,” Kovalev said Thursday. “If not, I am not the Sergey ‘Krusher’ Kovalev. Believe me, this Saturday will be the best version of me because I turned everything on to get in the best shape of my boxing career.”

“My goal is to collect all four belts, but I dropped this belt on my way to my huge goal. After, a lot of people thought I should stop my boxing career. No, that’s not in my character to stop my career by losing. When I win, I will think, stop or not to stop? But when I lose, it was 100 percent no.”

Alvarez was not impressed and made his feelings known Thursday about Kovalev and the excuses he used to justify why he lost the fight.

“I believe that’s a lot of excuses he’s making,” Alvarez said. “When you lose, you have a lot of excuses. I had a great game plan with my team. If he says that was an accident, well, then he needs to get ready for another accident.”

Alvarez expects to beat Kovalev again Saturday night, and is looking forward to making a name for himself in the division.

“Things have changed a lot for me. This is my first time being a main event. What has changed is my popularity, but I’m still the same guy.” Alvarez said. “Thanks to God, I’m a mentally strong person. I have come from the bottom, basically, and little by little, I’ve been getting my stuff. Now I have more, so that’s why I think I’ve been able to handle everything well. That’s why I am a mentally strong person.”

Kovalev needs to win this rematch if he wants to still remain a top guy within the division. He is 2-3 in his last five fights, with 2 of those losses coming by way of a knockout. A victory over Alvarez may be his last chance to climb back to the top of the mountain by regaining his championship.

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