Jarrell ‘Big Baby’ Miller vs. Anthony Joshua pre-fight press conference fireworks

By Mark Elezaj

Anthony Joshua and Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller immediately collided on Tuesday during their press conference at Madison Square Garden, the venue where both men will meet for the world heavyweight championship on June 1.

The two boxers squared up at today’s press conference, which led to Miller shoving Joshua while both men where facing off with each other. Joshua maintained his cool, walked back to center stage and addressed Miller.

Both men exchanged words while security kept them apart. They had a similar confrontation back in July 2018, when Miller confronted Joshua at a DAZN press conference.

Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn asked both fighters to take a seat. Miller, visibly upset shouted: “I’ll sit down when I feel like it, ain’t nobody dictating to me. I starved off these streets, eat off these streets. I’m the underdog?

“Now, I will take my seat.”

Both fighters then argued back-and-forth, staring intently at each other from across the press conference table.

Miller let everyone know how he felt. “I breathe, sleep, eat Anthony Joshua. I have a picture of him as my screen saver. I’ve got a picture on my wall of Anthony Joshua.”

“Eighteen years, I had no bed. I grew up in a third world country, not just Brooklyn. My nieces and nephews have no shoes on their feet. This is bigger than boxing, this is bigger than AJ or me.”

“For many years I didn’t know what God was doing with my life. Hustling on the street, being a knucklehead. Something was driving me – I had anger and fire in my stomach. I had dreams, I woke up in cold sweats at 11 or 12 years. In a past life I was a warrior.”

“AJ is in my way. Yes, he won the Olympics. It’s okay for me to be the underdog.”

“He didn’t want this fight first. He wanted easy money, Dillian Whyte. He has got to earn the right to eat at my table. This is the New York table.”

“He can be the pretty boy. I will still grind it out.”

Joshua replied, “Unbelievable acting, unbelievable talking, like a Hollywood movie!”

“I am going to knock him the f*** out. He is a drug abuser. He’s a kickboxer. I am going to knock him out. Where’s your mother? I am paying her rent with this. She will come here and watch a real champion fight,” Joshua said.

“Jarrell Miller is a little b*tch. I am going to throw this jab down his throat. For a guy that is 300 pounds, he punches like a fairy. June 1st – this is going to be a show. Come out and watch this one New York. I am not up here playing the gangster role.

“I really knock people out, look at his little hands. This is the first time he will sell out a show and it’s because of me. Of course he spends all day thinking about me and watching my fights, he has to – but it still won’t be good enough.”

“I’ll be deadly serious. Jarrell can’t beat me, not even on his best day.”

The Joshua vs. Miller fight came together after a planned April event fell apart. Joshua was looking to secure a fight with either Deontay Wilder, Dillian Whyte or Tyson Fury on April 13 at Wembley Stadium in London, but nothing came of it.

Joshua will defend his titles against Miller on June 1 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The fight will be Joshua’s debut bout on American soil.

~ The Fighting Voice ~

(Photos by Ed Mulholland)

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