Arrest Warrant Has Been Issued For Gervonata Davis Regarding Alleged Assault

By Mark Elezaj

According to TMZ Sports, an arrest warrant has been issued for WBA super featherweight world champion Gervonta Davis.

The warrant was issued for an alleged altercation between Davis and another man at an ATM at an upscale mall in Virginia on February 17.

CEO of Mayweather Promotions Leonard Ellerbe, told ESPN on Tuesday, “We’ll let the judicial system play out.”

“Obviously, this is just an allegation,” he stated. “Again, it just seems odd to me that a black man, allegedly, pushes or shoves — and I’m just reading what the TMZ article says, a police officer and he doesn’t get arrested on the spot, then a couple of weeks later, then they issue an arrest warrant based on their internal investigation. That’s just seems a little odd to me.”

Elderberry was referring to when officers arrived on the scene. According to what one witness told TMZ, Davis acted hostile toward the police. Allegedly he “directed derogatory and offensive language at the officers in a public setting” according to reports. A witness also stated that Davis “pushed an officer and yelled obscenities” while his friends tried to restrain him.

After completing an initial investigation, police issued a warrant for Davis’ arrest on one misdemeanor count of assault. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 1 year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

The bad news for Davis is that he is no stranger to police drama. Back in September, he was arrested for allegedly getting into a fist fight in Washington D.C.

According that the police report, Davis and another man were “punching each other with a closed fist about the upper body.”

Several people tried to break up the fight but both Davis and the other man tried to flee. The police picked them both up. That case is still ongoing.

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