Ruiz Feels He Will Be The First To Stop Joshua

By Mark Elezaj

New York: Andy Ruiz Jr. is very confident going into Saturday nights fight against Anthony Joshua. He says he plans on showing no respect when the two of them face off in the ring at Madison Square Garden.

Ruiz Jr., the underdog of the fight, says he’s going to be able to take full advantage of the flaws that he has seen in Joshua’s game. He also believes that the reason Joshua has looked so good in the ring is because he has been facing fighters that have been easy to beat until recently.

“There are weaknesses. But the guys he has fought? I’ve sparred with them and they wouldn’t want to fight with me,” Ruiz Jr. told “I know I will pull off an upset.”

Ruiz Jr has also made it clear that you shouldn’t doubt him because of his physique.

Recently, a video of Ruiz Jr’s hand speed has been posted online on the ‘K.O Artist Sports’ YouTube channel. (Click the link below)

“I’ve seen a lot of weaknesses in him and I’ve seen him working on them. The main thing is to stick to the game plan. I don’t want to say too much about his weaknesses. I’ve just got to improvise and exploit them when the bell rings”

“The main thing is we’ve got to stay focused and prepared. Get ready for anything and stay in shape.” said Ruiz Jr.

If Ruiz Jr., who was picked as Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller’s replacement, does beat Joshua this Saturday night, it would be a tremendous upset.

“I believe in my heart that we can win, and we are going to win. It will be one of the biggest upsets in the world. I can be the first one to stop him, Ruiz Jr. said.

Saturday’s fight at Madison Square Garden is Joshua’s first chance at making a statement in America.

“There’s been a lot of interest around this fight, after the Jarrell Miller situation, the Wilder situation. It’s my time to shine now. It’s really, really good”

“This is a step up for me. It’s a new experience, traveling, new time zone, setting up a training camp away from home. All of that stuff is really important.” said Joshua.

Ruiz Sr. feels his son’s hand speed and combinations will cause Joshua a lot of problems.

“I knew that he had a lot of potential because when he was 12 years old he was beating people that were 30 years old, 25 years old,” Andy Ruiz Sr told Sky Sports.

“Police officers where we lived they used to say ‘may we spar with you son’ and they wanted to spar with Andy but they didn’t know what to do.”

“So I think that is what is going to happen with Anthony Joshua, when he starts getting in the ring, he’s not going to know what to do. The speed that he has and you saw those shots to the liver.”

“It’s going to be a real good fight. I’ve got a lot of respect for Anthony Joshua, he’s a real nice person but in the ring we will see who is best.”

The Joshua vs Ruiz Jr. fight takes place this Saturday night, live from Madison Square Garden.

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