Tyson Fury Speaks On Deontay Wilder Rematch

By Mark Elezaj


WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder claimed last week, via social media, that he has already signed the contract for the highly anticipated rematch with Tyson Fury in 2020.

“Well, As I always say I’m the realest Champion in the business and as I’ve mentioned before I must handle all my Controversial Fights ASAP Luis Ortiz is first then Tyson Fury Next.” Wilder tweeted.

Fury, who is fighting Tom Schwarz next weekend in Las Vegas, has not confirmed if he has or hasn’t signed the contract yet.

“I can say anything. Look, he’s talking about a fight that’s a year away,

“Anything can happen, we’re not promised tomorrow so I’ll live for today.

“Because of the background that I’ve come from and what I’m suffering with, I can’t look past today because tomorrow I might be in a total depression again, so I only have to live for today and be happy for now, that’s how I get through it.

“Deontay Wilder is talking about fights that could happen in 2020. I have not even fought my fight on Saturday yet. I could get knocked out in that one. We never count chickens before they hatch.

“He has to to have to get past Ortiz and I’m probably going to fight September or October. I don’t know. I don’t get involved in it too much, when I’ve got a fight on the horizon I don’t look past that first initial fight,” he said on the Rich Eisen Show.

In a recent interview with Extra Time on talkSPORT, Wilder promised that there will be no controversy in their next fight.

“Last time I checked I gave him a concussion. Last time I checked he didn’t even know he got on the canvas, nor did he know how he got up off it,” Wilder said.

“I knocked his marbles out of his head. The referee helped him out so bad. That is why Jack Reiss will never referee another of my matches.

“He said he went for the spirit of boxing and not the rules. He said he did what he thought was right for boxing. No, no, no – what was right is you should do your job and count him out. It ain’t up to you because you are in a dramatic moment.

“That is the best Fury you are going to ever see because when guys train for me, they train the best they have ever train because I am a dangerous fighter, because I can knock you out at any time.

“I told Fury you are going to have to be perfect for 12 rounds, I only have to be perfect for 12 seconds – and I showed that. I caught him.

“I have definitely got his number in a rematch. We are going to see who has got whose number. I am not worried about nothing.”

Earlier this year, Fury and Wilder were in talks to finalize the rematch, but Fury ended up pulling out of the negotiations, signing a five fight deal with Top Rank and ESPN.

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