Danny Garcia Wants Errol Spence Next

By Mark Elezaj

Errol Spence Jr’s split decision victory over Shawn Porter Saturday night did not come easy. It was his toughest fight to date, and with the win, Spence is now the unified IBF and WBC welterweight champion.

What’s next for the champion?

Former two division world champion Danny Garcia, who lost a close split decision to Porter, watched the fight closely Saturday night at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

After the fight, Garcia entered the ring and challenged Spence to fight him next.

“It was a top dog fight tonight,

“I want you next Errol. It was a tough rugged fight. Shawn Porter is a tough fighter. I’m here to say I want next” said Garcia.

“My how the tables have turned,” said Spence. “I’ve told my team, you line them up, I’ll knock them down.”

The possibility of Spence taking on Garcia remains to be seen, but the fact that they allowed Garcia into the ring after the fight is a strong indication that Spence’s promoters may want that fight to take place next.

It is an easy fight to make given that both men are aligned with Al Haymon and Premier Boxing.

Spence appears to be open to fighting Garcia next, however, he does prefer to face Manny Pacquiao because it’s a higher-profile fight against a living legend.

Also, according to sources, Errol Spence said he would consider moving up to 154 pounds for a fight with Julian Williams next.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Spence said during the post-fight press conference. “Like I said, tables turn. You know, I’ve been calling out Danny and all them for a long time. And, you know, now they step in the ring, trying to fight me. So, we’ll see. I mean, we’re gonna go and look, and see who’s the next great, good, available opponent.

“If I can’t get Pacquiao, you know, or nothing happens with Terence or anybody else, then we’ll fight Danny Garcia. So, I mean, it doesn’t matter. I think me and Shawn had a great fight, so you know, we might can do that again. We’ll see what happens.”

Garcia, who doesn’t have a fight scheduled, hasn’t fought since his knock out victory over Adrian Granados back on April 20 in Carson, California.

Spence feels he “definitely” call his own shots now because he is the only welterweight who owns two world titles.

“I’m the big fish,” Spence said. “I’m the shot caller now

“I can move up to 154 pounds and fight, you know, Julian Williams and somebody like that. So, I mean, it really don’t matter. I’ll go up or down.”

When asked about a possible mega fight with Terrance Crawford, Spence stated that he isn’t interested in boxing Crawford next.

“It don’t matter,” Spence said. “The last time Crawford fought on pay-per-view, he did a hundred thousand buys. So, I’m not worried about Crawford right now. They don’t really promote him like they should be, so it is what it is. We’ll worry about Crawford when we get there. But like I said, Crawford need me more than I need him.”

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