Wilder: “I Already Knocked Fury Out”

By Mark Elezaj

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is convinced that he knocked out Tyson Fury back in December 2018.

Wilder dropped Fury with a hard left hook in the final round. Fury appeared to be out cold as he laid motionless while the referee administered the count.

Wilder felt that the referee gave Fury the benefit of doubt by allowed Fury to get up and continue the fight.

Fury was able to recover from the knockdown however and fought well for the rest of the round.

“I knocked that fool out. He got blessed by the referee. He had favoritism,” Wilder told Sky Sports.

‘I’m 41-0 and 40 KOs, forget the draw because that was no draw, I knocked him out, 

‘Jack Reiss showed favoritism, he had an emotional connection to Fury because of his story, along with everyone else. Jack Reiss said he went off the spirit of boxing, not the rules. His job is to count, when you see Fury getting up, he didn’t start counting immediately.

‘As Fury gets up, you can see him pausing, you’ve got to count him out. That was all emotional, all those things add up and people think he won. He didn’t win. 

‘Thank God I had amazing judges who can read through all that. He was actually missing a lot of shots, I never got credit for the stuff I was doing good.’

A rematch from their classic fight is set to take place in early 2020, but before he even thinks about that rematch, Wilder is focused on facing Luis Ortiz for a second time on November 23. 

“He was the boogey man for a reason,” Wilder said. “To this day, they don’t fight him for a reason.

“They say he’s old, but they won’t fight this old man. Plenty of people have had the opportunity to become my mandatory, and all they’ve had to do is fight Luis Ortiz. They never gave him the opportunity. I’m the best in the world and I believe in that.

“No-one wants to face him but I feel it’s my duty as champion. This fight is to prove everyone else who I am. I know who I am. I wasn’t proving it to myself. I just needed that moment to prove to others.”

Wilder is now scheduled to face Luis Ortiz on November 23rd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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