By Mark Elezaj

T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas – In a welterweight bout between two former world champions, Robert Guerrero (37-6-1, 20 KOs) won a ten round unanimous decision over Victor Ortiz (36-7-2, 25 KOs).

All three judges had it 96-94.

“It felt good to be back in the ring with fans and I definitely fed off of their energy,” Guerrero said. “I knew this was going to be an all-out war. Victor Ortiz brought the best out of me tonight. It was back and forth action the entire fight and I came out on top as I predicted.”

Ortiz looked good early in the opening round, pushing the action and keeping Guerrero on his back foot before Guerrero started to come back with sharp punches. Ortiz was able to close the distance on Guerrero well on the inside.

Both fighters came out swinging in the second round. Guerrero stayed busy, landing hard shots before Ortiz began to rally back. They were both exchanging huge punches at the end of the round.

In the third round, an accidental head butt opened a cut on the side of Ortiz’s right eye.

Ortiz was doing well in the fourth, landing the stronger punches. Guerrero’s left eye was swelling shut.

In the fifth round, Ortiz was more aggressive, fighting from the inside and controlling the action.

Round six, Ortiz kept the fight at a close distance, landing a rally of punches. Guerrero’s left eye was badly swollen and almost closed, he was unable to see Ortiz’s short right hooks coming.

In round seven, Ortiz continued to fight from the inside, but the action had slowed from the previous rounds.

The final few rounds did not see much action as both fighters were smothering each other as they continued to fight from the inside. In a very close ninth round, Guerrero would begin to land the better shots. In the final round, both men They were trading from the start, but Guerrero was able to land more and win the round.

With the victory, Guerrero has now won his fourth fight in a row since coming out of his 2018 retirement, however this was his first fight since September 2019.

“Now I’m ready to step up and fight anyone they put in front of me,” Guerrero said. “I have a lot left in me and I’m in this sport to win another world title.”

Ortiz has not boxed since his last fight in February 2018 which was a draw against former two-division champion Devon Alexander.

“I thought I won,” Ortiz said. “It is what it is. It was a close fight. He didn’t hurt me. A couple times I got caught off balance but that was it. I should have boxed a little better, but hey, he did what he had to do.

“I know I box a lot more usually. But tonight it was more toe-to-toe. I don’t know if it was machismo or what. It was a good fight though. He’s a great fighter. We’re still fighting. We have a decade left. I’m going to stay at welterweight and I’ll take any 147-pounder.”

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